Silver linings, C-19 style…

April 1st, 2020

Are you ready for some good news?

While we’re being buffeted by the tremors of the current pandemic, we are surrounded by numerous ‘silver linings’ amidst this current state of anxiety, misinformation, isolation and fear. So, if you’re ready, it’s time for some good news!

People all over the world (well, most people) are experiencing the same thing. In response, people are coming together in new and wondrous ways to help each other out.  Banging pots on their front steps at 6 pm in appreciation of our health care workers, creating a collective cacophony of sound, reminding us that we are NOT alone.  Offering free food to those in the food biz that have been laid off without pay (full disclosure, my son-in-law is the owner) if you happen to live in San Diego, at Common Stock restaurant.  The list goes on, and on…

Those of you that have worked closely with me know my mantra: “the only dogma I hold is that there is no dogma”. And the exception that proves this rule… Mindfulness belongs on EVERYONE’s daily list of things to do. And now we really don’t have any excuse for not committing to a daily practice. You’ve either got extra time without your daily commute, or less time out shopping or less time going to the movies, out to restaurants, etc. You get my drift… another silver lining, the gift of time.

So, no better time than the present to get your Mindfulness Mojo in gear. Take a walk. Or an online yoga class. Find a Meditation routine that works for you. There are a plethora of websites offering free (another silver lining) guided meditations and paths to a more mindful state, to help manage the ever flowing overwhelm – from the international biggies like Oprah & Deepak ChopraMindspace & Brightmind, to one of Vermont’s local treasures, Kristin Borquist – enjoy, relax and get centered.

And then I just got this:

Daily Meditation and Talk with Jon Kabat-Zinn
Presented by Wisdom 2.0

Daily, 60 minutes, 11am PST / 2pm EST
Zoom link:  and Live streamed on YouTube

Register here.

So, please take the time to take care of yourself, in whatever way works best for you. As we’re told before air travel, ‘in case of an emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first before looking to help others’.

If you’d like to see a curated list for business support in these crazy times please shoot me a quick email and I’ll forward those along.

Stay safe, stay healthy,