What People Say About Us

“As a CEO, I experienced dissonance between my dramatic need for change and an inability to move toward that change. Peter has helped me move toward those changes and confront dealing with some real and practical problems, reconnecting on a more caring level with those around me and realizing that my state of agitation was MY problem. This process has been so important and powerful for me and Peter is the one who unlocked that door for me. Now my challenge is to have the willingness to keep it open!”
-Mary Powell, CEO, Green Mountain Power
“Peter is a wise and thoughtful mentor and coach. Over the past 6 years he has helped me transform my leadership skills to effectively grow and evolve within my career. He makes even the toughest feedback digestible and understandable and he also helps me use the feedback to grow both personally and professionally. He has given me so many skills on navigating corporate culture, tough circumstances and stressful situations. Peter reminds me to inspire my team, focus on what’s working and reward and recognize our team’s efforts and successes. Peter embodies the ultimate executive coach: as tough and real as you need him to be while simultaneously supporting and encouraging me to grow, stretch and learn how to be a better leader.”
– Francine Della Badia,  President
Retail North America, Coach
“Peter led our Strategic Planning process. He was a great facilitator and found a way to draw everyone in so that they contributed. He showed us how to identify the areas we needed to improve and how to create action plans that worked. We have transformed as a company and now have a much-improved culture, a powerful way of operating, and an ability to stop and look at “where are we now and where do we want to go?” We had fun the whole time and ended up with great results. Cole Consulting was a company-life changing experience.”
– Joel Melnick, CEO, Nathaniel Group
“Your thoughts and advice are so valuable to me and have guided me to expand my thinking in so many ways.  It gives me great strength and confidence knowing I will continue to have your guidance and expertise as I begin this new journey.  Thank you for being my coach!  I do not think I would have survived the past year without your support and wisdom.”
– Kimberly Price, Senior Vice President, Design Management for Coach
“When we decided to implement a Strategic Planning process at Nathaniel Group we interviewed a number of people that could lead us through it. Peter rose to the top of the list because of his experience and his obvious ability to connect with employees at all levels of the company. Peter led us through two Strategic Planning retreats over the course of several years. These retreats included folks from senior management, supervisors and line workers. Peter connected well with every one of them. He not only led us through the planning process, he also worked as an integral part of the team implementing changes.”
“Looking back on those sessions and the goals and tasks that came out of them, we accomplished a great deal. Peter’s calm, thoughtful leadership and wisdom has had a great deal to do with our growth here at Nathaniel Group. We have come to see Peter as a part of the company, not a consultant. It was my privilege to work with Peter and I’m grateful that I had that opportunity.”
– Keith Williams, GM, Nathaniel Group
“Peter has a warm and genuine way of connecting with people which translates into highly effective coaching relationships. Clients feel acknowledged, valued and supported as they focus on professional and personal development. Through one-on-one and group discussions I have witnessed his unique ability to glean and then distill critical and relevant information that becomes integral to positive outcomes in his organizational development and coaching work. In particular, Peter is very talented when it comes to establishing himself as a credible source for people and organizations who are ready and willing to maximize their human resources, and is a natural helping others along their path to success.”
–  Beth Peters, Founder, VIVID Workplace (former HR Director, GMP)
“From Peter’s casual style to his unassuming questions, he always has an amazing ability to make people feel comfortable, solicit information they didn’t even know they had, then apply his strong background of skills and experience to bring it back to them in a consolidated, usable, innovative way. He helps people and organizations move forward. I’ve enjoyed every interaction with Peter on various projects and have greatly benefited from his insight, his willingness to share, and his desire to connect people and ideas to create a different and better tomorrow.”
–  Rebecca Towne, Green Mountain Power
“Peter is one of the most generous people I know both personally and professionally. We have shared clients over the years and I have had the opportunity to work closely with him on various initiatives. One of the most impressive qualities Peter possesses is his versatility and ability to connect with people with diverse personality types, backgrounds, levels of professionalism and authority. Peter is a master at listening, observing and assessing a situation whether with an individual, team, or entire organization, and then co-creating the appropriate and most effective process to engage with them for highly impactful, transformative results. Peter’s presence is one that inspires trust and compassion—qualities that are essential in a professional who is facilitating any kind of change process.”
–  Miriam Goldsmith, Principal, Speaking Mastery™ (Speaking, Communication and Presentations Skills training and   coaching)
“Peter is a skilled trainer and coach who has worked with many of our staff to improve their leadership potential. His outstanding work has strongly impacted our organization at many levels. I wish Peter worked here on a full-time basis!”
– HR Training Specialist

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