Get To Know Us

Cole Consulting operates from the perspective that each client is unique, and deserves a custom approach that’s organic and comfortable to you, built upon what’s worked before. There are certain themes that are constant… these we will provide, for you to incorporate, as appropriate, in your own way, in your own words.  As outside facilitators, we have no agenda other than the commitment to your success.  The safety this provides cultivates deeper understanding and everyone prospers.

Peter’s commitment to each and every client begins with an assessment to determine if he is the right match for this particular job and/or this particular project. Cole Consulting relies on a consortium of professionals who have complementary skills and experiences. Our commitment continues long past whatever initial engagement brings us together.

This website, home to Cole Consulting, is open to all of you with whom we have worked, are currently working  or will have the good fortune to work with in the future. Please join us in the library where you can either browse for resources or search by topic.  Amble over to ‘the kitchen’ and join in a conversation about what’s working for you, and maybe get some insights into what might work better.

Some of the tools and resources have been developed by Cole Consulting.  The bulk of the pdf’s are taken from the web and are organized to help you find what you need when you need it.   Everything on our site is aligned with the vision and values you can depend on from Cole Consulting.