Our Process

Given our belief in each client’s uniqueness we believe that any new engagement is best served by beginning at the beginning, even if we have worked together for years. ‘The beginning’ usually entails an assessment, sometimes as simple as a meeting to insure fit, chemistry and synergy; sometimes as detailed as a 360 or a full organizational assessment.

From there the process unfolds with a clear plan including intended outcomes, deliverables, goals and aspirations. Care is taken to connect with appropriate key stakeholders to ensure that successful outcomes are inclusive and transparent. Tools and resources are customized and delivered in a way that promotes internal adaptability, ensuring sustainable results long after the engagement concludes. And last, but certainly not least, we infuse the engagement with multiple opportunities for reflection, deepening conversations, exploring progress against intended outcomes as well as the discovery of unintended outcomes. Feedback and a willingness to adjust targets is encouraged, as is a commitment to celebrate success at all appropriate opportunities.