Another season change…

September 29th, 2010

Summer to fall, leaves dropping all around along with the temperature. A good time to check in with myself and take stock of all the things I’ve committed to over the past year, notice what’s grown, what’s gone fallow and what needs some attention.

Is it just me or do you notice too that we live in a culture that just doesn’t seem to value contemplation and reflection?

I’m not talking about the ‘stop and smell the roses’ kind either… though I sure do appreciate it when I take the time to do that. More of a ‘stop the presses’ kind of thing.

Slow down, reframe expectations. Stop filling the void with mindless chatter. Stop the chatter altogether.

Be here now…

So much easier said than done.

Being present is the best present I can give myself. It truly is a gift, because when I fully commit to being here now, fully present, away from the distractions and ‘shoulds’ and background chatter I am so much more capable of appreciating what I have. And in that appreciation, so much more capable of giving back to those that mean so much to me.

To my friends and family, my business associates and wonderful clients, thank you for all of your support and kindness this past year.

As the fall turns the hillsides into a blaze of reds and oranges and yellows, please join me in taking some time to stop the craziness of running from one thing to another and just acknowledge how lucky we all are to be here together.

Thank you!